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Does your website help you win the jobs you really want?

Today’s upscale, web-savvy homeowners search google and visit a company’s website to get a taste for their culture, values, track record, and design sensibility.

They’re searching for a partner who will be present in their lives — and their homes — for an extended period, and they want to connect with a company online. What kinds of people are they? What kind of work do they do?

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Anatomy of an Effective Remodeler or Custom Builder Website

Core Services & Track Record

That prove you can walk the walk

A strategic homepage design and messaging will tell your story and highlight your strengths. It does the heavy lift of proving why you are the best at what you do and make it clear and easy for prospective clients to reach you.


The top of the page features an image or video that pops for a first impression that inspires awe.

Pair it with a short and memorable phrase that takes 1 second or less to read, and we've made a powerful first impression.


Now that we've made a first impression, we bring it quickly down to earth. No nonsense. The Promise section will prominently display core services or your track record that proves you can walk the walk. 


Recent Projects

Show off your most recent work. Impress your audience with projects that feature your latest and greatest.

Show a variety of industries and project types – a mix of your bread and butter, and showcase projects you'd like to do more of.


It may be beneficial to list your industries served. New clients likke to see that you've done jobs like theirs before, and understand their needs.

These can be links that take visitors deeper inside the site, where we can show them other projects, and talk about expertise in their industry.


Professional endorsements or testimonials build trust. Don't take our word for it! 


A prominent call to action makes it clear and easy for prospective clients to contact you. 

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Success Stories

“Bizango didn’t just build our website, they built a long-lasting relationship that we respect.

“We were in need of rebuilding our out outdated website, to be fresh, current and inviting.  During our introduction meeting, we were convinced Bizango was the company we wanted to partner with. 

I am so grateful to the entire staff at Bizango for making this transition a seamless and enjoyable experience."


Debbie May,
co-owner May Construction

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